• Antarctica 2013 – 2014

    Antarctica Sailing to Antarctica is not straight forward. Dana Felicia being a British registered boat had to apply to the Polar Region Department under the British Foreign Ministry for a special Permit. Doing this

  • Chile 2013

    Chile Dana Felicia was anchored outside Club de Yates de Higuerillas, north of Valparaiso while the easy and efficient check-in was performed. Later we anchored in the central bay of Valparaiso, where Marina Deportivo Baron

  • Pacific Central America (2013)

    Pacific Central America The cruising in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica became quite brief because we wanted to cross the equator before the rainy season weather with thunder storms came into full force. The check

  • Pacific Mexico (2012 – 2013) (Mexico November 2012 - April 2013)

    Pacific Mexico Check-in to Mexico was swiftly done by the help of Coral Marina in Ensenada. The passage south east along the Californian Peninsula was pretty uneventful, apart from spotting literally hundreds of dolphins feeding

  • Pacific USA (2012) (USA 2012, August - October)

    Pacific USA, Washington Check-in to the US was swiftly made in Anacortes and the good weather continued, so it was a pleasure to sail around in The San Juan Islands, visiting e.g. Friday Harbour


My Journey on Map

The Sail Plan for 2014 is to sail through the Chilean Patagonia to Puerto Montt, and then cross the South Pacific via the Juan Fernandez Islands, Easter Island, Pitcairn, Gambier Islands, Tuamotu, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, and Tonga to New Zealand


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