• Tonga 2 (2014)

    Tonga – 2 The passage to Niafu in Tonga went as earlier mentioned via Futuna which is located west of Tonga, and the tacking back east against the trade wind was a reminder that sailing

  • Samoa 2 (2014)

    Samoa – 2 We sailed to Samoa in light E – SE winds of 12 – 15 kts, and the passage of 522 Nm took 3 days plus one lost day passing the Date Line.

  • Suwarrow (2014)

    Suwarrow The distance from Maupihaa to Suwarrow is 584 Nm and the passage was made in 3 days in rough sea with winds from mainly ESE of 20 – 25 Kts. The motor was used

  • French Polynesia – 3 (2014)

    French Polynesia 3  Mangareva, Gambier Islands – 2 It took us 1½ day to sail from Pitcairn to Mangareva with a total distance of 312 Nm and 4 hours of motoring. The sea state was moderate,

  • Pitcairn 2 (2014)

    Pitcairn – 2 The passage from Easter Island to Pitcairn was done with winds from NE, SW, and SE varying mainly between 15 and 25 kts. The sea state was moderate. The total distance of


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The Sail Plan for 2015 is to sail from New Zealand via Darwin, Australia to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand


“Self-realisation is not a matter of withdrawal from a corrupt world or narcissistic contemplation of oneself. An individual becomes a person by enjoying the world and contributing to it.”

Francine Klagsbrun

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