Australia: Part 1

Cruising in Australia.

After having repaired the damages from the Tasman Sea passage we cruised south to Port Stephens and later to Sydney where we spent Christmas together with our friends in Cammarey Marina. For New Years eve we anchored together with hundreds of other boats in Sydney Harbour from where we had a fantastic view to the New Year fireworks.

Sydney is a very active and beautiful place with many parks, museums, and activities. Even if we enjoyed the city during the tourist season and Sydney Festival with many free concerts in the parks and squares you never feel it is crowded like it would have been in Europe under the same circumstances. The atmosphere here is more relaxed and easy going.

From Sydney we sailed south to Eden, which is a big natural harbour with and old fishing village. Eden is the last good anchorage before crossing of the Bass Strait toward Tasmania, and it has a small whale museum. During centuries the aboriginals developed cooperation with killer whales, orcas which drove the big whales into the bay. The aboriginals were alerted by the orcas, and they slaughtered the stranded whales. The orcas got the delicacies they wanted: tough, and lips. The rest of the whales were left to the aboriginals.

We left Eden with a good weather window; however the weather changes so fast down here that you can never be sure and during the last part of the passage to Hobart (Tasmania) we got a southerly wind, and anchored for half a day in The Schouten Passage until conditioned improved.

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