Easter Island – Rapa Nui – 2 (2014)

 Easter Island – Rapa Nui – 2

Already from the Anchorage at Hanga Roa, I could see many new buildings, hotels, and resorts. Also a new soccer field has been made, which I learned was opened by the famous soccer player Pelé.  

The check-in was easy, since we came from within Chile, and was done by friendly and helpful officers. Due to the weather we stayed in three different anchorages. Besides landing in Hanga Roa, it was also possible to land at the beach in Anakena, which is considered to be the first landing place for the Maoris when they discovered Rapa Nui. 

In general the island is now a more popular tourist destination, which the plentiful hotels and restaurants also indicate. Many new and better assorted shops are now available, so provisioning has become much easier than before. This development seems to have had a positive influence on the local standard of living as well.


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