It is a very special experience to see and approach animals which do not fear humans. This experience together with observing animals you can only see in Galapagos makes a visit here a spectacular event. The endemic land animals are among others: the great land turtles, the sea going iguanas, blue footed booby (bird), and the small Galapagos penguins. Also white tip sharks, hammerhead sharks, and sea turtles are easy to spot.

The sea lions are quite funny, and can be met on the beaches and also on the boats, where they relax in the sun. For two weeks we had an average of 3-4 of these animals lying on our stern platform. At last we got tired of them, and placed fenders so only one very smart young animal could access. He was clean and did not argue with us.

We visited Isla San Cristobal and Isla Isabella, and the latter island was the most spectacular with its tunnels made of lava formation and the great volcano. We snorkelled in the tunnels and among other things saw white tip sharks, turtles, and a variety of very colourful fishes. Everywhere the local people were very helpful and friendly.

Pacific passage, Galapagos to Easter Island.

The passage began with a good S to SE wind which went to SW giving us head wind most of the time and some tacking. A couple of days without enough wind to move us through the rough seas and finally westerly wind of 30 to 45 knots finished the passage.Close to Galapagos we just had to let our fishing gear out and we caught all the nice gold mackerels we could eat. During the nights we got many squids on the deck instead of the usual fly fish. Closer to Easter Island when we put out our fishing gear, we only got very big fish on the hooks, and in spite of good quality gear and careful handling they were so big that they never surfaced. They simply were too big, and we lost 3 good lures before we stopped fishing.The passage of 1979 Nm was made in 12 days, with 38 hours of motoring. We saw one ship on the way, and in the middle of the passage a very tired swallow landed onboard. It was well taken care of, but was too exhausted to survive.

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