Marquesas: Fatu Hiva, Hiva Oa, Nuku Hiva, and Ua Pou.

Landfall was made on Fatu Hiva at Hanavave, which is the best anchorage. The view between two steep mountains into the green valley is breathtaking, and the other visited islands were spectacular in the same way with green vegetation and many waterfalls.

We were impressed by all the fresh fruits and vegetables which grow everywhere on these beautiful islands.

The remains from the old Maori culture in the form of Tiki statues and stone carvings were very interesting, as well as today’s celebration of the Bastille Day (14. July) where the old Maori dances and songs were performed in traditional costumes. We also enjoyed the wildlife in the Nuku Hiva anchorage where we had 3 meter manta rays swimming around the boat almost every day, and the big 15 kg gold mackerel we caught when sailing between the islands.

Pacific passage, Marquesas to Tuamotu.

The passage of 560 Nm from Marquesas to Tuamotu was made in 3 days, with wind backing from SE to S and then W of 26 – 1 knots, and with 12 hours motoring. Landfall was made in the atoll of Kauehi, where we after an exiting entrance with much current and turbulence anchored inside close to one of the villages in the atoll.

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