Niue is an independent island, and is not part of the Cook Islands, but have a close connection with New Zealand. The island is an old atoll which has been pushed more than 30 m up above the sea, so it looks very different from the other visited islands because it is quite flat. Anchoring is very difficult and we stayed at a mooring. The swell is big so you have to lift the dinghy out at the wharf with a crane when going ashore. The island has many large spectacular grottos with stalactites and stalagmites, and is also famous for the many sea snakes living here. The coastline is not sailor friendly, and in places the eroded coral looks like volcanic rock as seen on Galapagos.

The latest huricane passed in 2001 and produced waves so high that houses and hotels on the west coast in 35 meters hight simply was washed away. Only the foundation is still left. The people here are very friendly and hospital and the yacht club was very helpfull.

Pacific passage, Niue to Tonga – Vava’u Group (Nov. 2008)The 256 Nm passage took 2½ days and was made in light to strong winds coming from east to north west.The last 24 hours were in heavey tropical rain. No ships seen and no fish caught.

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