Norfolk Islands

Norfolk Island.

Because landing is not possible in Ball Bay we moved to Sydney Bay which has a jetty with a crane for lifting out boats and dinghies. This is necessary due to the constant swell surrounding the island.

Norfolk Island is Australian and was in the early days used as a penal colony, and many restored buildings from that time are placed at Sydney bay. Norfolk is also known for having been home for the population of Pitcairn who was evacuated to the island in the middle of the eighteen hundreds due to overpopulation on Pitcairn. Many descendants are still living here.

The island itself is quite high and very interesting with its many Norfolk pine trees and beautiful views and bays. Anchoring is difficult and much care must be taken because the weather changes quickly. This happened to us because the anchorage suddenly became very dangerous, and we had to move out quickly. According to the local people many sailors has come to grief when their boats were wrecked under such conditions, so we were lucky. We chose to go to Cascade Bay for the last night and endured the ocean swell which made the anchoring a bit unpleasant.

Tasman Sea passage from Norfolk Island to New Zealand.

This passage was made in very light winds of 10 – 15 knots, beginning as south easterly the first day, then backing to east north east the second day, and finally to north west and west for the rest of the passage. The waves were 1,5 – 2 m. The passage lasted 3½ days and covered a distance of 508 Nm with 22 hours of motoring before entering Opua. It was the easiest passage Dana Felicia has ever made to or from New Zealand, and she is now docked in Whangarei for the next couple of months.


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