Pitcairn 2 (2014)

Pitcairn – 2

The passage from Easter Island to Pitcairn was done with winds from NE, SW, and SE varying mainly between 15 and 25 kts. The sea state was moderate. The total distance of 1190 Nm was made in 6 days with 8 hours of motoring. At arrival the wind was from SE and with rough sea we had to anchor at Ted Side, where we waited 4 days for good weather before we could visit the island. It was interesting again to meet Brenda, the emigrations officer, her son, and sister in law.  

Many changes have taken place e.g. the former prison is now turned into a hostel housing the tourists coming with the supply boat Claymore II. It is a New Zealand vessel which sails between Mangareva and Pitcairn regularly through 3 months periods.

The small square in front of the post office has been roofed and also the small shop / supermarket has become larger with much more to buy, and extended opening hours. It is now possible to visit a “restaurant” and shop T-shirts and other souvenirs, all of which was impossible the first time I visited.


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