South Korea 2017 / 2018

South Korea 2017 / 2018 The passage from Izuhara to Busan was only 89 Nm and was done during daylight. It is forbidden to sail with pleasure vessels in South Korean waters after dark. We entered late August.
Check in in South Korea requires an agent, and we managed to dock in the old Olympic marina in Busan. It was situated in the middle of a beautiful surrounding with high rise buildings and fancy shops and supermarkets. The marina was full of boats, and the berths were pretty small, built mainly for Olympic class boats, so we had to settle for a concrete dock used for work boats. During a good weather period we managed to return to Japan and finish our site seeing there. Upon return we experienced some worse weather, which set substantial swell into the marina, and combined with low tide we hit the ground and dock violently, and had to leave rather quickly. During the abuse at the dock, I send many thoughts to the solid way I had the boat designed and built.
There are not many marinas in South Korea, but we were lucky to find a new marina in the town of Yeosu 109 Nm away. Yeosu is a town visited by many tourists. It is in the south part of South Korea, and the climate is normally warm and without frost during the winter. The marina is very good, and was host to a number of large Russian yachts during the winter. They were normally based in Vladivostok, but preferred the much milder winter in South Korea.
We didn’t spend much time land travelling in South Korea; however liked the country very much. People are very friendly, helpful, and hard working. It was easy to find qualified people and materials to help fixing all the needed maintenance issues we needed. South Korea is much more “westernized” than Japan, and therefore easier to operate in, also because more people speak English.

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