The Caribbean

Christmas and New Year 2007 was celebrated in Charlotville after which a longer service stop was made in Chaguaramas, Trinidad. The route went north along the east Caribbean island chain visiting: Grenada, Carriacou, Union Island, Cannouan, Bequia, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Isla de Saintes, Guadeloupe, Antigua, St.Barth, St. Martin all the way to the BVIs and back via Saba, Nevis, and Montserrat followed by another service stop in Chaguaramas, Trinidad.

The next chapter in the Caribbean began by heading west to the Venezuelan islands Los Testigos, Isla de Margarita, and Tortuga. In the Dutch Bonaire we obtained our scuba diver licenses, but had to leave in a hurry for better shelter in Spanish Waters, Curacao due to the quick approach of tropical storm Felix, which turned into Hurricane Felix when it passed us 60 Nm north of Curacao. We enjoyed the good snorkelling and diving in Curacao before we arrived beautiful Cartagena, Colombia. Here we enjoyed walking around in the well preserved old city, but also visited Santa Marta, from where we succeeded in finishing an exhausting 8 day mountain jungle trekking tour to the “Lost City” (Ciudad Perdida).

On we went to the San Blas Islands in Panama, where the Kuna Indians have kept their lifestyle pretty well until now, by collecting coco nuts, fishing, and selling handicraft from canoes made by dug out trunks. Later Isla Linton, famous Porto Bello, and Colon were visited.The last chapter in the Caribbean began by sailing north to the island Providencia, Colombia and on to the Bay Islands north of the Honduras mainland, where Christmas and New Year 2008 was celebrated. We visited Roatan, Guanaca where Columbus landed on his last voyage, and Utila. On all the islands we enjoyed the god snorkelling and diving, and watching the whale sharks in Utila. On our return we went north to The Light House Reef with its very rich wildlife, outside the Belize mainland, before continuing to Grand Cayman Island via Providencia where whales were sighted. Arrived in Colon, Panama and prepared the transit through the Panama Canal, which was made March 5th – 6th. It was an interesting experience, and tucans, crocodiles, and iguanas could be watched on the way.

Pacific passage, Panama to Galapagos (April 2008)

The Pacific journey began with a frustrating and exhausting hunt for the most basic things e.g. for a sail repair; however we were rewarded when we visited the Las Perlas Islands and Coiba, before heading for the Galapagos Islands.Las Perlas Archipelago and Coiba Is. were beautiful and had a fantastic wild life. Many dolphins, sharks, and even salt water crocodiles. To our surprise we were only meeting few boats compared to similar cruising in the Caribbean.The voyage to Galapagos was slow and rainy with too little wind in the ITC-zone and the convection around it, which followed us down south for 3 – 4 days before we caught a southerly wind a couple of hundred miles from Galapagos. The passage of 755 Nm was made in 6 days with 50 hours of motoring. We made landfall in Wreck Bay Isla San Cristobal.

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