Tuamotu: Kauehi, Fakarava, Apataki and Rangiroa.

All these atolls have one thing in common: Few people live there, the land is only a narrow strip of coral and coral sand mainly covered with coconut palms, and crystal clear water inside with a lot of colourful fish. We saw a black pearl farm in Fakarava. It was interesting to learn how this works.

The entrance to the atolls is best made at slack water in spite of the fact that the tide difference is only about half a meter; the current can be very strong and unpredictable, and even if you think that you ought to be well suited with engine power etc. you are surprised how the boat is thrown around and how difficult it can be to steer it through.

We were happy to see Pedro Gecko again with a new tale. He looked healthy with the somewhat smaller tale, but seemed to do his business as usual.

Pacific passage, Tuamotu to Society Islands (August 2008).

The passage of 224 Nm from Rangiroa to Papeete, Tahiti was made in 26 hours with trade wind from E or SE, 20 – 40 knots with rough seas from S. All the biting fish got off the hooks. After we have learned to improve the strength of our lines and hook attachments, the fish are so big that they simply bend the hooks and get off.

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