Wallis Futuna

Wallis – Futuna.

These two islands are a small kingdom under French protection and aid. The main island of Wallis and some smaller islets are surrounded by a coral reef. The water in the lagoon is very clear and provides good snorkelling.

Wallis was during WW2 occupied by approx 5000 Americans who e.g. built the airstrip still used.

We mainly had bad weather during the visit so we did not see so much. All kinds of food was available in the supermarkets, but the prices were high even compared to the price level in Papeete.

Pacific passage from Wallis to Tuvalu (Sep. 2009)

With an easterly wind of 15 – 25 knots, the passage of 425 Nm was made in two and a half days, and we anchored inside the mail atoll of Funafuti. No other ships were sighted on the way.

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